Lake Wairarapa and the Wairarapa Region

To the east of Wellington are the Tararua Hills. These are very steep and folded-up, so travelling through them is quite difficult; but once you get beyond them you discover the Wairarapa – an undeveloped area with fields full of sheep and cows, almost no people, and the wonderful Lake Wairarapa:

The main yearly attraction round here is the ‘Golden Shears’ sheep-sheering contest at Masterton – though these days the Martinborough vineyards run it a close second. It all makes a refreshing change after little Wellington with its look at me, I’m so wonderful feel.

Down one side of the lake is a lovely little church – All Saints, Wairongomai. There’s nothing like a town around it, so I guess Wairongomai is just a gathering point; but the church is beautifully cared-for and is a real treat to visit.

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