Wellington – St Paul’s Cathedral

This is a report on the building itself… if you want a view on the actual worship experience, see my Mystery Worshipper Report.

It is, of course, one of New Zealand’s Concrete Churches, albeit a rather big, pink one. The first response of many people, particularly British visitors, is ‘ghastly’, but I actually rather like it. Given that stonework and brickwork are absolutely useless in an earthquake-prone country, and wooden churches have a terrible record with fire, it’s difficult to find anything else that would be a better material. These days there’d be more metal and glass to break up the impact of all the concrete – but if you want a big meeting-house with a tower on the side you’re going to end up with something quite like this.

But the part I don’t like is… all the twiddly detail in the surroundings and tracery of the windows, that silly detail on the external pulpit, and all that stuff.

Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

The buildig is

Cathedral Congregation