Wellington’s Bays

This a round-up of what you might call ‘Wellington’s local bays’. There are many others slightly further afield, but these are particularly easy to get to after a day’s work or for a longer time at the weekend.

Considering Wellington is a busy city there’s still quite a lot of undeveloped coastline out there. Of course anything built by the sea gets blasted to bits by the weather here, but it might yet be worth it…! Some bays have houses, some are quieter, some are almost completely deserted. They’re all different and I haven’t found one yet that fails to delight – so here is a collection of these gorgeous hidey-holes.

Makara Beach is a remote spot to the north of Wellington, a favourite when you want to escape from the city.

Taputaranga feels almost as remote but is easier to reach from Wellington.

Island Bay is perhaps the busiest of the outer beaches with a developed community; it’s very pleasant nonetheless.

Lyall Bay is just round the corner from Island Bay but is less busy and more remote. On a rainy blustery day you go to Lyall bay for the wild sea and then Island Bay for a warm coffee.

Oriental Bay is on the inner rim of the crater and is one of the nicer parts of Wellington City with a tree-lined promenade, bandstand, cafe culture and sunshine; everything you could want, in fact, if you can afford it.

Eastbourne lies opposite Wellington on the inside of the crater. Although a bit of a commuter place, it’s actually quite remote nd beyond the town itself the bay just trails off to Pencarrow Lighthouse and the way to the big old Tasman Sea. Again it’s a nice spot if you just want to escape.

On the same far side of the bay, but much harder to get to, is Baring Point beyond Wainuiomata. This is probably Wellington’s most remote beach.

And lastly a photo of the main Wellington Bay again – the main crater itself – on a grey rainy day, just to show it’s not always sunny!