St Andrew’s, Cambridge

Cambridge is a gorgeous little chocolate-box town just east of the big city of Hamilton; a favoured spot for retirees, particularly those who sell expensive houses in Auckland and buy a ‘lifestyle plot’ in Cambridge. The town is extremely well manicured and has all the comforts that a wealthy retired community might want. Happily, included in this is a perfect little wooden church – made all the more lovely by its having 6 bells hung for full circle ringing.

As usual the bells are too heavy for the tower and would make the church fall down if rung properly, but they do get chimed and, so far as is possible, standard patterns of call changes are used – as in the photograph below (12345 etc). Curiously the bells are made of steel and are therefore unusually heavy, though the quality is a lot better than the expected bucket-like sound.  Among those who know, they reckon Mr Vickers was just about getting it right by the time he made these bells.