At Waitomo there are glow-worms. I visited them once, but since one lot of New Zealand glow-worms is much like another I’ll just refer to my Touring Southland which includes a similar visit at Te Anau.

The only other interesting thing at Waitomo is a Bed & Breakfast I stayed at. It was a lovely new house, but situated overlooking a main road and in the middle of a dairy farm. Clearly a young couple on a tight budget, they were doing that New Zealand thing of letting out their spare room.

There were flies and noise – but the worst was the trashy cheap stuff that they’d kitted out the room with. Nothing here was fit for purpose or for any purpose at all; even the toilet roll holder skidded across the floor and fell over, the lightbulbs were all about 5W, and I had to fight an instinct to pile it all up in a corner…