London: Trinity Square Gardens

Trinity Square Gardens lies just north of the Tower of London and is easy to miss – but if you make a point of stopping here there’s plenty of interest. Here are a few from a sunny Sunday afternoon in February. 

The name Trinity is taken from Trinity House, the organisation which looks after all the lighthouses around Britain. Their headquarters is here, and appropriately the square is also the home of memorials to the commercial sailors who’ve died in war time. Memorials here relate to the Falklands conflict, the First World War, and the Second World War:

Also here there’s a tiny garden memorial to the 125 or so people who were executed here on various grounds of heresy and disloyalty to the state. Very few people were executed in the actual Tower of London; the deed was usually done here on Tower Hill.

Buildings round the Gardens include the Port of London Authority, a particularly fine London Dragon, the Walrus and Carpenter Pub, and Trinity House, with its own very fine weathervane:

Lastly, one fine Sunday afternoon, a visiting Argentinian football team entertained us…